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How to deal with mistrust within communities to contain Ebola?

The tracking and control of Ebola, specially under crisis situations such as in an outbreak, require cooperation between local communities and public institutions. Considering countries affected by Ebola have high degree of corruption, past traumatic experiences with opressive political regimes, the distrust on the government is one of the main challenges to contain the Ebola expansion. How could we imagine Ebola outbreak as an opportunity to build and develop social capital in the affected countries?

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It's also important to consider possible environmental vectors regarding Ebola outbreak.

As urbanization rate increases along african countries, the pressures over local forests, expansion of slums without the minimum urban infratstructure are factors that contribute to foster the Ebola outbreak.

Several ideas have been presented on education healthcare services, technical issues to prevent the virus, etc.

Important to pay attention that all these conditions that aided Ebola's spread are not limited to african countries.

How could we think to align all the relevant vectors into solutions to contain the Ebola outbreak?

Is there any reference to inspire on building trust in public institutions?

The Making of a Tragedy: Inequality, Mistrust, Environmental Change Drive Ebola Epidemic


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