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how the DRC has mastered the recent epidemic of Ebola

"Not a household disinfectant without" this is the free distribution of disinfectants to all households in the infected area. The "village by village" approach, concerns the villages that have been identified as places where people have been in contact with confirmed cases, probable and suspected cases of Ebola.

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The Ebola virus belongs to the filovirus family, which includes viruses filamentous appearance characteristic. The fruit bats of the family Pteropodidae is likely the natural reservoir of the virus, but other mammals can be infected. In humans and other primates, it causes the disease Ebola, and caused several epidemics. The disease, for which there is no proven treatment, has a fatality rate of up to 90% in humans.

"Highly pathogenic" virus may be operated only within P4 laboratories (or BSL-4), designed to prevent the risk of contamination by accident or as a result of malicious acts

Première image d'une particule virale Ebola obtenue par microscopie électronique en transmission en octobre 19761.

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