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Feminine Hygiene products for girls, women

Given my own monthly feminine hygiene ritual in the developed world - USA, it occurred to me and female members in our family that USA should provide feminine hygiene products to girls and women in the affected EBOLA Countries to decrease the chance of bodily fluid transmission during their monthly cycle. There are many stories on how girls and women use unimaginable items to stop the flow of their blood cycle and if we were able to send them feminine hygiene kits, this might assist to decrease bodily fluid transmission in female EBOLA victims. There is an organization in the State Of Washington that provides kits: Also, consider the health care workers provide Ebola Survivors with a feminine hygiene kit.

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I have traveled to Sub - Saharan Countries and witnessed how girls and women struggle monthly with how they manage their menstral cycles.  When my twin sister who is a missionary and served in Sierra Leone earlier this year talked about how girls and women will adjust to the EBOLA outbreak in West Africa during their monthly menstral cycles, we began to ponder if short supplies of feminine hygiene kits and feminine hygiene products escalate EBOLA transmission.   We began requesting our USA health care volunteers who might travel over to the West Africa Countries to also consider taking feminine hygiene products to share with girls and women.  Maybe there is a way to also combine the need for feminine hygiene products to West African Countries with Ebola Outreach Campaigns to assist in decrease blood transmission in girls, women. 

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Hi, Jena:
Their contribution is important, we must include in the design, protocols, and others. The physiological states of patients and health workers.