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Ebola Isolation Wards - Decommissioned Cruise Ships

Suggestion: use decommissioned cruise ships as isolation and treatment wards. Many cruise chips have more than 1000 cabins each of which could serve a patient, with room for crew, supplies, etc. Hospital ships such as the USS Comfort also have north of 1000 beds. 3 or 4 such ships could accommodate the total population of diagnosed patients in Liberia at present.

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We an offer in-ship solutions for the handling of the cleaning, including decontamination via 3 ways (steam, UV light, chemical) as well as in-ship treatment for waste so it does never leave the ship without treatment. We can add it INSIDE the ship or right next to the ship so the waste can be still contained using containers or ducts into the secure facilities to be setup next to the ship at port. All our solutions are containerized and capable to be mobile and/or add ons.

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