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Ebola Hypothesis

Our hypothesis is simply that fasting for 24 hours when the first symptoms of Ebola appear – headache, sore throat and fever – could weaken the development of the Ebola virus in the body and abort the full development of the disease. Our research interest in ADAM: Africana Drug-Free Alternative Medicine derives from lifelong research and documentation on this theme reflected in the book of the same title. Some of the symptoms of Ebola are similar to the symptoms of other viral infections successfully treated with ADAM methods. Case reports about survivors and victims of Ebola contain clues about this cost-free hypothesis.

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The methodology will be consistent with Rubin’s Counterfactual Model of experimentation according to which:
An observed treatment (fasting and bowel-movement skills tips) is given to an experimental group of 100 volunteers (50 may try water-only fast and 50 may try water and fruits fast). The outcome of that treatment is Y(1)
The counterfactual is the outcome that would have happened Y(0) if the group did not receive the treatment, control group of 100 volunteers (no fasting).
An effect is the difference between what did happen to the experimental group and what happened to the control group (measured in intensity of Ebola infection):Effect = Y(1) – Y(0) (cited in Shadish, Cook and Campbell, 2002).

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This is an interesting idea. Fasting can definitely be a good way of cleansing, I believe. Do you think that there is a good chance to show easier sign of Ebola by fasting or not? How a body can be different towards a virus through cleaning ?

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Thanks Dr. Evilina Cohn for your interest. Yes, it has proven effective, on anecdotal levels, for treating similar viral symptoms as Ebola without drugs. What is needed is a large-scale pilot exploration of the hypothesis to help the people who are suffering without any effective medication and without good medical facilities. Case reports indicate that fasting on water could be effective but not everyone has drawn this inference yet.

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The idea about cleansing the organisms with water can be also similar with what other idea is saying that the virus has very few molecules of water around it and a proper hydration of the virus can actually help protect against the virus. See this post :

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Great insight, Dr. Cohn. Thanks for sharing. With a consensus forming around the need for hydration, let us hope that the funding agencies and organizations will now support the exploration of the hypothesis in randomized trials. The hydration works best with fasting but healthcare workers still try to feed the Ebola patients lots of carbohydrates during hydration whereas a water only fast for 24 hours would make a bigger impact without posing any serious risk to the people who have been starved for so long that they are scared that a 24 hour fast would be impossible.

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