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Designing treatment unit patients with Ebola

In Peru, no hospitals or clinics found that can handle a patient with Ebola. This was demonstrated by a native of africa who came to airport with fever. It has invited several specialists so they can design a treatment room for patients with ebola. We present a model that can be used to treat such patients.

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The sum of:
  1. Intensive care unit
  2. Laboratory Level 4
  3. High Security Jail
can be approximated to a unit for treatment of patients with Ebola.
Must be added:
  1. unidirectional Flow
  2. four distinct areas
  3. entry and exit locks (inanimate objects, biological objects)
We present an approximation of this design


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Photo of M. Ricciardi

Hi Raul

I would suggest replacing the word "jail" with "quarantine room" (as jail is = to "prison" and signifies confinement due to a crime).

Otherwise, your protocol seems good/workable -- do you have a full diagram or map for this protocol? (or is that the image on the linked-to page that brought me here?).

Adding socio-metric badges would provide a means of checking that there are no "loop holes" in the protocol and track all contacts made within the hospital

Photo of Raul Villaseca

The jail is for the ebola virus, which if murderers.

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"can be approximated to a unit for treatment of patients with Ebola"

The intention (to contain the virus) is fine, it's the denotative and connotative meaning of the word that is an issue. But I don't want to dwell too much on this semantic issue., only to say that language is/can be a powerful tool but needs to be implemented with care.

Photo of Raul Villaseca