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COOLING VESTS for Health Care Workers treating Ebola in West Africa

Current Ebola Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) PERFORMANCE DATA Normal Work Duration: 40 mins Decontamination Time: 20 mins Rest, Hydration and Heat Stress Rehab: 60 - 80 mins PPE Don/Doff Cycles per shift: 4 TOTAL HEALTH CARE DELIVERY DURATIONPER 8 HOUR SHIFT: 160 MINS Enhanced Ebola Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with TechKewlâ„¢ Phase Change Cooling Vest PERFORMANCE DATA Enhanced Work Duration: 100 mins Decontamination Time: 20 mins Rest, Hydration and Heat Stress Rehab: 40 mins PPE Don/Doff Cycles per shift: 3 TOTAL HEALTH CARE DELIVERY DURATIONPER 8 HOUR SHIFT: 300 MINS (88% Increase)

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These Cooling Vests are already being deployed in West Africa by other governments.  These Cooling Vests are already used by HazMat Responders here in the US.  The Health Care workers in West Africa need this heat stress protection NOW ...


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Do you have a link for the other African nations that are using the vest? I have a thread over in the Idea section on this also.

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Jab ... we have already begun supplying our TechKewl Cooling Vest to Ebola First responders throughout the world . We do not have any details on which response personnel are using them or in which country they are being deployed. If/when we get details, we will be sure to share. We continue to receive numerous inquiries from other foreign governments about deploying our Cooling Vests in West Africa. We are kind of surprised at the US's slow response considering the urgent need for heat stress protection in West Africa.

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Hi Doug, that sounds very good. Rainer

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I was thinking of something similar -- but instead of a vest, an ice pack in the shape of a leg cuff for the legs worn on the calves exterior to PPE -- and then as the blood circulates, your own blood acts as an A/C system carrying the cooler blood throughout the body. Then the cuffs could be replaced into freezers with only a quick decontamination of the cuffs while the worker continues to work. Such cuffs would be able to work right through the outer suit so that you don't have to go through decontamination, PPE donning and removal et cetera to be able to put on the leg cuffs that are like ice cubes. It would make walking around more tiring with the weight, of course.

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Carilyn ... thanks for the suggestion. We actually make calf and forearm coolers for some specific users battling heat stress. We have found that cooling the torso area provides the most comfort and protection against heat stress. Our Cooling Vests are fully adjustable with both girth and height adjustments. Our Cooling Vests are worn snuggly on the torso leaving the user full mobility of their arms and legs.

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Hi Doug, thanks for posting. You gave very concret datas regarding working times. So you already make tests with cooling vests under a PPE? What was the ambient temperature and humidity, for which you gave the working time of 100 minutes? How was the heat transfered? Directly to the body via thermal conduction or by condensing water on the heat exchanger itself?

With kind regards,

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Rainier ... thanks for the questions. We have been designing and manufacturing Phase Change Cooling Vests for 15 years. Our products are sold in 50+ countries worldwide and they are deployed by a wide variety of users including First Responders, HazMat Teams, Fire Fighters, Military Personnel, Mascots/Costumers, Medical Staff, Nuclear Plant Employees and other PPE users facing heat stress challenges. I would estimate that we have over 150,000 units currently in use. The scenario I outlined is an estimate based on an ambient temperature of 95F and humidity of 95% for someone who is 6 ft and 180 lbs. Heat is absorbed from the body into the 58F Cool Pax that are deployed inside the Cooling Vest. Let me know if you have additional questions.