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Continuous body temperature monitoring of people with Ebola infection risk

People with Ebola infection risk have a catch period around 3-4 weeks so in that time the first alarm will be the body temperature. With the help of our device CUSTODIUM t&f a simple GPS&GPRS tracker that can attach some sensors and a body temperature sensor the people on risk could be continously monitorized both personal and control center monitoring.

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The research has been done and right now we are testing and offering the solution to the people involved on this crisis management.
We are learning a lot around the way of health sensor integration with our devices for real time&mobility health monitoring.


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Photo of Joe Siebert

You beat me to it Ivan. Cannot agree more!!

Photo of Rik Ganju

Nice idea. How do you avoid the alarm going off if someone chooses to workout, for example, or worker as a chef in a kitchen with open flames or a big broiler?

Photo of Ivan Morte Tamayo

Body temperature sensor it's always touching the skin so there is no so much false positive around. Anyway the GPS helps on matters like speed (if someone runs) or position itself, that are always cloud storage so the server can decide some data as no relevant.
And the device it's just a voluntary prevention, more confortable than others, the personal adaptation must be done and checked with doctors.

Thank you.

Photo of Rik Ganju

I'm still not sure I understand. The cloud storage server can distinguish between someone building heat by doing yoga poses (static position) vs a fever? How about if someone stands near a bonfire on a cold night? Or just sunbathing on a warm day? Is the idea that the sensor is environmentally shielded; or that the temperature trajectory of fever has a slope that can be distinguished via clould based pattern recognition? I think your idea is a good one, I'm just seeking some clarification.

Photo of Ernesto

I think that a person with Ebola infection risk must be relaxed at home, of course the system can give some false positives, but I think in this case it is much better to have false positives than false negatives.