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COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP , the National Center for Excellence & Creativity (NCEC) considered a method of complete community DO IT YOURSELVES INITIATIVE, where the tracking, isolation, civic education and community protection through direct specialized TRAIN THE TRAINERS puts the destiny of every community into the hands of the dwellers, either to preventing or getting the virus out completely, results are AMAZING. Our success stories are in 2 folds 1. Brewersville with just 2 cases, total trained 600 2. Banjo and Virginia Hit badl, trained 900 persons, results excellent, rate of infection now low as 30% in 4 weeks 3. Margibi County in Liberia, high infection dropped Thus empowering communities through training, makes excellent way to GO.

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Community ownership was introduced to rural Liberia and then to urban cities, when we observed the successes we got in the field, the National Center for Excellence & Creativity (NCEC) then understood the three element for enticing communitiesto fight out the VIrus.
1. Understanding of the virus and the damage it can cause
2. provision of hope and victory after all
3. self ownership (direct invovlement of communities in cleansing their villages or towns, but for those not affected, keeping the doors to such communities closed,

the process of involving Dwellers directly in fighting the virus in their communities came from clear understanding of the African societies and well as the weakness of the systems called goernment.

we understood that we had several factors that would not help the health workers nor ambulances etc, we also under studied the cultural, traditional and religious practices the people are generally engaged in, in order not to create any doubt in the minds of dwellers, it was best to provide them skills and full knowledge of the virus and how best ot deall with it, either when it has infected a twon or when it has not.

several questions came to mind, how do we communicate our messgaes, do we provide them broad based knowledge or what should we do, the answers came flashing, equip, them with everything in the books, other questions like who do we train etc

finally we understood, that mass based training was needed, monitoring was needed and relieves were needed, thus we agreed that we would now go on with TRAIN THE TRANERS CAMPAIGN, then we monitor knowledge transfer.

the decisions today have broughts us serious Joy and smiles never ending as we have seen results after results.

our greatest hitches, were, the understanding that demographics in Liberia was so bad, numbering systems of houses Zero, blocking of towns Zero, thus we had serious issues, thus these issues would have been faced by external element, but for the do it yourselves strategy, the story is today uniquely told in BREWERSVILLE, BANJO, VIRGINIA, MARGIBI COUNTY ETC.

I t is our hope, the lessons learnt from the fight against ebole will be documented, through visual, audio and prints, providing the chance  to several individuals and institutions, study and improve upon these to enable better responses in the future anywhere in the world?

In a Country like our ( LIBERIA) cordination and resource is serious problem, thus extending the success story is limited.



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Lets work together to reach the other counties and isolated communites

Photo of National Center for Excellence & Creativity

OB Roy it is going to be wonderful working with several other Org and individuals like you in getting communities around the world benefit from our experience in Liberia to enjoy such huge success as have been achieved in Liberia, pls stay in touch, Liberia is still a challenge even now, but Serria Leone is a greaterchallange we all need to face together.

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