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Here is a list of ideas that I thought could help and then my own ideas.

I shared two ideas. FIRST was a redesign of the PPE (to make a cooler, breathable material extremely hydrophobic) because we know that ebola is only contracted through the exchange of fluids. The suit would be much like a divers but made of a different material and would cover everthing except the face. SECOND was a way to more quickly build structers for the care and quarantining of people with ebola. Other building and facilities are being built very slowly and require many workers. The structures I suggested are semi-permanent, require only water, and takes a fraction of the time and people to build it.

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The equipment needed to effectively treat people with ebola.
I believe that we have overlooked many small and simple solutions that could have an enormous impact on how we handle those infected, not infected, and those trying to help. I've seen several of these types of ideas on here and encourage everyone to look through them. Here are some that I thought could be of great help.
  7. gloves-caps-goggles-to-care-givers-instead-of-teaching-how-to-use-plastic-bags

These are the links to my contributions.


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Thanks for adding this compilation.

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Also are there specific people or organizations you think might in a position to take these ideas an implement them? What will it take from them to do this?

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Thanks! I did it on my phone and didn't see how horrendous it was.

Everyone that's already in the fight or that has promised massive support. All that really needs to be done is for the people or organizations that have the means to speak to the manufactures. The tents merely need to be bought/transported and the clothing needs a full body redesign so that only a part of the face is showing.

The links to both companies are under the videos.