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Ventilated Hazmat Suits

My idea is a ventilated air-conditioned hazmat suit that will make the suits more comfortable. It is specifically geared toward healthcare workers who have to take breaks frequently due to the discomfort and heat currently being experienced in the suits. Taking the suit on and off increases the chance of contamination and this would minimize suit removal.

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An air conditioning unit could be attached to a backback or directly to the suit that releases cold air. The unit could have multiple HEPA air filters to prevent any incoming contamination. The refrigerated air is sent through a series of tubes that release the air into the body suit at various points onto the body. It might succeed because people will be less likely to take the suits on and off frequently. The air conditioning allows long periods of work between removing the suit which will decrease possibility of contamination. My questions to the community would be, "Is a small air condiditoning unit economically viable in large scale production for this suit? What level of HEPA filtration would be effective against this aerosoled virus?" 


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