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The power of humanity and giving!

The treatment of Ebola through the means of Convalescent serum, or the transfusion of blood from a patient who survived Ebola to one currently with it, is the logical solution to a very threatening problem. If one who is willing to give blood, which contains some of the anti-bodies that were used to fight ebola, then they should test this on patients who are likely to die whether they receive the blood or not. Many worry however that through the blood transfusions, a person could also be receiving HIV, but that is a risk I would be willing to take if I already had a 50-90% chance of dying. We need to unite, and find community and humanity to survive this struggle. With multiple success stories in the past, its logical to continue.

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In regards to making equipment that is more sustainable, preventable to diseases, and logical I believe this will include multiple outlets to come together.  One major problem found with the suit is that when taking it off and putting it on, you are easily open to diseases.  This major flaw could be fixed through careful examination and to create something that is confortable yet protective, without any openings through which outside influces could enter.  One major need is an air filter if it needs to be seperated which might be expensive, but practical for survial and health.  I believe it will succeed because safety comes before cost.  

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