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Temperature Monitoring Headbands For Communities So Ebola Can Be Caught Early

In 3rd world countries, you can't rely on the medical devices we have here in Australia to self diagnose. For instance, thermometers. If temperature is one of the first indicators of Ebola, if the virus can be caught early enough by allowing people to keep track of their own temperatures, then perhaps we have a chance of reducing the fatality rate. Back in the 90's, we had hyper colour t-shirts. Hyper colour t-shirts worked on the premise that as your body heat changed, the colour of the t-shirt changed. What if we created headbands that could be distributed to infected communities that changed colour when a person's temperature reached a critical level? Thus indicating to them & their loved ones that they should seek help.

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I am a strategist in the advertising world and this challenge inspired me because the nature of a virus, much like word of mouth in my world can't be stopped. However, we can proactively attack this problem by giving 3rd world communities the tools they need to actually be able to diagnose themselves early enough to increase their chances of survivial. 
If the medical staff can't cope with the numbers, let's shift some of the power back to the people to seek help before they are critically ill. 
By giving people a visible and comfortable device, such as a sweatband that indicates temperature, it allows families to keep an eye on their loved ones in a way that is easy to understand. You don't need to be a doctor to understand that a certain colour means that your loved one is moving towards a fever and you need to seek help. 
The headbands I imagine would be relatively cheap to produce and distribute as well. I'm not an expert on material, but if we had Hyper colour in the 90's, I strongly believe there would be a material that could be used for this task. 

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