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Stop Ebola From Infecting New Countries!

This is not an idea, but a demand. We close borders and enforce curfews for every single area, active or inactive. We are losing because of GREED and POLITICS. THIS ENDS NOW!

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My idea of a good government is one who takes into account the people who a lesser than the government, The citizens. I would think that flights would be cancelled, The contacts grid be expanded many more times than what they are now. If you only check 500, There still is the possibilty that another individual is infected. YOU ONLY CONFIRM 500 DISEASE FREE. thats not enough. We have to treat it as a global pandemic. we all know the way its going now, the world may become inectd everywhere, but more action can defy that logic. Stop flights in and out of africa, Send food to africa, Send water to africa, Build better facilities and teach millions how to avoid ebola. There will come a time when the world cant do a thing but wait. Lets not let that happen.


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