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Ring vaccination without vaccination

Ring vaccination is a strategy that was used to great effect during the smallpox eradication effort by Donald Henderson et al. Briefly, it consists of identifying infected persons and then vaccinating everyone in a circle around that person to provide a "ring of immunity" and drastically reduce disease transmissions. Unfortunately, there is not yet a proven Ebola vaccine. However, the general principle of ring vaccination might still prove useful. As the epidemic reaches log phase and hospitals are overwhelmed, it may become untenable to bring every infected person in and trace each patient's contacts. Instead, areas harboring Ebola patients might be identified and cordon sanitaires could be systematically established.

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Hi David, thanks for the contribution! Do you have any more information you can share with the community about Ebola vaccinations or what has been tried? It's something that hasn't been widely addressed by our community, so we'd love to learn more.

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