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Reduce psychological imact of using temperature guns by changing their shape and name

Many accounts of Ebola epidemic draw contrast between intentions and implementation. Some of the measures implemented on the ground— quarantines, space-suite PPE, etc— can be viewed as hegemonic. One particular area that could be addressed is in the case of measuring temperatures. Measuring temperatures plays a vital role in controlling the spread of the disease. However, the off-the-shelf tool being used is a Pyrometer gun whose form only serves to provide a convenient grip, but does not affect the function of the sensor or the readings. Many view these guns as weapons, representing a manifestation of political or social discord. An alternative form could ameliorate this perception.

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Proposed is a new form for the pyrometer gun and a new name. A circular or ellipitcal form would provide a symmetry between tester and testee and begin to bridge the gap between government and citizen, provider and care seeker, policy and implementation. 


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Hi Andy. Do you have any information on how the local populations are receiving this form of temperature monitoring? Has there been any press or discussion on social media, radio, tv?
There are other forms of these thermometers. Do you know if they are being used in the field as well?
and thank you for bringing this concern/information to our attention!

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