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Patient fluids kept under control

Soft plastic cylindrical tubes about 3 inches in diameter with duct tape funneling projectile vomit and explosive diarrhea in one direction toward a disposal bag that can be replaced safely.

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Patient's projectile vomit and explosive diarrhea can be kept manageable by a system of soft plastic cylindrical tube /duct tape (for skin) wherein the mouth is taped with this soft plastic cylindrical tube to funnel the vomit in one direction only -- and it connects to a bag that can be disposed of and replaced with another bag, so that the vomit doesn't go everywhere.  The same goes for the anus end -- put a soft plastic cylindrical tube (about 3-inch diameter) with duct tape around the anus so that explosive diarrhea goes only in one direction into a plastic bag that can be disposed of and replaced with another one.  

In the interior of these plastic bags that are catching the projectile vomit and explosive diarrhea, you can also place a virus-killing substance on a wet towel to reduce the virulent mass' efficacy at contaminating anything else.


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Hi Carilyn, we've brought it across to the ideas phase so that the community can be inspired by what you are doing and build on it to make even better solutions. Feel free to update your post as it develops. We look forward to seeing it grow. Good luck!

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Thanks... I was thinking the same thing, because when I first joined OpenIDEO, the platform was not familiar to me, and I didn't realize there was a difference between making a RESEARCH contribution or an IDEA contribution... but now I know the difference. =) Could you put on the person's contributions page the ability for us to switch what category contribution it was in case we realize it was mistaken? That would be great. Thanks.