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CLEAN WITH HEAT! ONE AIRPLANE TOILET IN AN OVERSEAS FLIGHT COULD TRANSMIT THE VIRUS TO MANY PEOPLE. Toilets could be outfitted with a heater strong enough to kill the virus. It appears that it would take about 30 - 60 minutes at 60 degrees C.

Airline employees and passengers may have some reason to fear that the transfer of the Ebola virus through body fluids could happen via this small space. HEAT could be used to disinfect a bathroom before cleaning or between flights. Heat is already used by many companies to kill such things as bedbugs in infested houses or bedrooms.

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Is it possible that a one hour heating period could be done during the flight?  If that poses a fire risk then at least this could be achieved between flights while loading and unloading passengers.  It would not completely prevent this exposure scenerio.  But it would reduce potential exposure to passangers and, in theory, fully protect those cleaning the toilets.


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check cleaning with UV light as another idea on this platform suggests ? Cheers!

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Rebecca, Hey if UV light would kill the virus on all surfaces then all the better! There hasn't been much written on this but if a healthcare worker can catch the virus from washing out a soiled car then it is really hard to trust these bathrooms to be safe.

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