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miraKle (Vitamin K)

To keep our body healthy, maintaining the level of our body fluid is very important. For Ebola patients, it's much more complicated since they are bleeding out constantly. It becomes very hard to control, let alone to maintain the level of body fluid in a healthy level. Here we try to introduce the herbs like sage, basil and thyme. That are native in Africa and are rich in Vitamin K, that help clot blood, so that we can help control and maintain the body fluid level of the patients.

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First and foremost, I pray for the safety of all the patients out there. Namo Namo Namo.

Sickness can cause as much physical pain as the mental pain. The idea here is to utilize the remedy of maintianing and balancing the water level in our body to keep it healthy. To keep maintaining the level of hydration in your body is a crucial way to stop yourself from losing more energy and become sick. But for Ebola patients, it is much more difficult since we cannot control their body hydratrion because of bleeding

From what we know, vitamin K is responsible for blood clotting(hardening the blood) to prevent yourself from bleeding too much.

By using naturally available herbs and ingredints that are r ich in Vitamin K we can help control their water and hydration level in their body.

Herbs that are High in Vitamin K (%DV per tablespoon): Dried Sage & Dried Thyme (107%), Fresh Parsley (82%), Dried Coriander (Cilantro) & Dried Parsley (34%), Dried Marjoram (16%), Fresh Basil (13%), and Fresh Chives (8%).

Here we try to focus on the herbs that are natives to Africa. 
Like the African Thyme and Basil. These plants are found in the African continent. The herbs can be collect and dried to create a supplementary pill for patients to increase their level of Vitamin K 



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