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Minimalist Urine-diverting Dry Toilets to control fecal transmission of Ebola

Ebola is transmitted via bodily fluids, including feces, plus it causes diarrea, so why is no one talking about all the open defecation in the affected countries? This Minimalist Urine-diverting Dry Toilet can be done at next to no cost to contain this contagious material long enough for the virus to be destroyed, certainly less than 6 months in the Tropics, without toxic chemicals. So many other diseases and parasites are also transmitted via open defecation and untreated sewage.

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Ebola is transmitted via bodily fluids, including feces, plus it causes diarrea. A detention time of 6 months in the Tropics would certainly be longer than necessary to eliminate this virus in the relatively dry and aerated conditions of a UDDT (especially if the feces are stored in woven, polypropylene sacks, which we may like to store in a locked room or bury in the ground, in this case of Ebola). Urine can safely be soaked into holes in the ground (preferably near fruit trees).

I do not understand why no one is talking about sanitation in the fight against Ebola, what with all the open defecation and the virus causing diarrea.

This minimalist design of UDDT could be deployed quickly at minimal cost:

An emergency like this can be a great time for local residents to learn to live more sustainably. This would also be an excellent opportunity to teach the world something about how to live in more harmony with nature.

A thread on the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance Forum:

No-cost #toilets to control #Ebola which is also transmtd via feces #ecosan #sanitation @WHO
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"Hi Rebecca, would you like to help me promote this idea? Do you know how to click this up and actually catch the attention of AID and actually get this applied?"

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Hi Chris, why don't you come over to James Gien Varney-Wong's Ebola Community Action Room ? Some of us are still designing/contacting, moving...Take care! me

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