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Kick Ebola Out! by Oswald Dundas

The Global Minimum Innovate Salone Community has been working collaboratively through Facebook and Whatsapp to design communications solutions which educate the public and stop the transmission of the Ebola virus across Sierra Leone. We’ve been thinking about how we can communicate what we know to prevent exposure in culturally relevant, fun, memorable and innovative ways. The GMin Innovate Salone Team has a few innovators we'd like to feature for this OpenIDEO challenge. Innovator Oswald Dundas from Freetown, Sierra Leone has designed a series of t-shirts which leverage the popular images and designs in Sierra Leone to Kick Ebola out!

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Football, the flag of Sierra Leone and the Coat of Arms of Sierra Leone represent national pride and a shared passion among communities across the nation. These memorable mottos and graphics can encourage Sierra Leoneans to take the recommended measures by the WHO and MSF to prevent exposure to the Ebola virus.

Oswald also adds:
"Every body is aware by now about the on going crisis "EBOLA" we can't heal the sick nor bring back the dead but however we can prevent the spread of the disease and give hope to the victims.
I suggest the use of graphical messages displaying important facts and informing concerning this crisis "EBOLA" that even the lay man could understand in form of pictures/drawings/words.......... that may be printed on t-shirt, banners, wall bills/ hand bills and even posters.
Important information like how to prevent ,who to call etc..........................
Below are just few of many specially made designs that can be used to help in this fight that will constantly remind people,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(cause people tends to forget often too soon),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,to be more careful and by God's grace we will be
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Hack at Home Team,
I love the Design. Have they produced the T-shirts? If not, what do they need to produce them?