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Graphene on PPE suits allows plastic to absorb 600% more heat. It also generates electricity from ambient heat paving the way for self powered PPE suits.

Unlike plastic which insulates, graphene can potentially absorb unlimited amounts of heat. Graphene can generate electric power from ambient heat such as the heat inside a ppe suit which opens the door for self powered cooling suits. Full suits may be made from graphene. An Irish lab found a way to mass produce graphene. Again, all input by fellow members is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Feel free to comment and speculate, whether positive or negative - it's all helpful

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It may also be sprayed on existing plastic PPE suits to boost thermal conductivity of the common plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by up to 600 times.

Even if the graphene PPE gear did heat up eventually it could be dispersed with liquid coolant (water,bleach,etc)

Can now be mass produced -

Properties -

Graphene boosts plastic thermal conductivity --

Sidenote for development: recent studies using graphene suspended in copper chloride have generated electricity from ambient heat energy which in my opinion paves the way for a self powered PPE suit which may run a cooling unit directly from the heat generation of the wearer. The hotter the temperature the more power which would be ideal for warm climes.

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