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exposing bats to gamma radiation

I suggest attracting fruit bats to spesific areas and exposing them to gamma radiation in high risk countries in Africa. Inactivation of Ebola Virus with CO(60) Irradiation is known to be possible.

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If we consider the possible transmission channels of ebola, the most mobile and uncontrollable ones are fruit bats.
Whether we stop  or not within humans, unless we control the most free mobile cause,  the disease will remain uncontrollable.

Since the solution must not alter the ecosystem balance -eliminating them will cause other ecosystem problems- a kind of curing scheme must be in active continuously.

I suggest gathering fruit bats to spesific areas and exposing them to low level Co60 gamma radiation rays or letting them eat low level Co60 contaminated material in high risk areas of countries in Africa. Those areas must be  human free zones such as  selected areas of forests  within fences or natural human free zones. Many gamma radiators will  be active during a period of time changing locations  during year. Local countries will corporate in organizing the operation and  update  bat cleaning  maps and  share.

Some additional facts:
- Fruit bats fly dozens of kilometers each night to feed on specific fruit trees, making the return trip the same night. 
-The half-life of cobalt-60 is 5.27 years. This means areas will be cleared totally in nearly 10  years.

-How can cobalt-60 affect people's health?
All ionizing radiation, including that of cobalt-60, is known to cause cancer. Therefore, exposures to gamma radiation from cobalt-60 result in an increased risk of cancer.

Because it emits such strong gamma rays, external exposure to cobalt-60 is also considered a significant threat. The magnitude of the health risk depends on the quantity of cobalt-60 involved and on exposure conditions:

-Length of exposure
-Distance from the source (for external exposure)
-Whether the cobalt-60 was ingested or inhaled."


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