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Examining Ebola (E ²)

We have developed the innovative idea to design a product that colorfully identifies the Ebola virus when in contact. -Mila, Maya, Cam, Sofia

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It inspires one to be aware of their surroundings, to know if there is a disease around. The questions that our product gloves raises, is, is our surroundings safe? Do we really know if were like really safe in our current enviorments? Do we have clothing, products, or food that have been infected or contact in disease? Ebola is not spread through the air, only through bodily fluids, so it's good check if anyone has coughed, sneezed, ect. on goods, these gloves allow for one to check their homes and gloves. 
With the gloves on, when coming in contact with the disease by touch, one can check their household and items for the disease and properly dispose of the items. The gloves figer tips will light up red when in contact with the disease. (As seen in the picture).

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Hi Milagros, we've brought it across to the ideas phase so that the community can be inspired by what you are doing and build on it to make even better solutions. Feel free to update your post as it develops. We look forward to seeing it grow. Good luck!