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Enhance the image and reputation of local health workers, ambulance teams, and those who burry the death

A big problem is that all those locals who fight against Ebola and work in the different area are also stigmatised - and often resign ( Some are expelled from their families or avoided by the community, because people think they will bring the virus to their communities. This is a hug risk for the much needed recruitment of people to stop the further spread of the disease. Through radio messages and billboard those who continue to work should be celebrated as heroes as well. 1) to prevent them to stop working in the different fields 2) to encourage those professionals to stay/get engaged

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Through radio and TV messages authorities should emphasie that those people:
- Do a service to a nation
- Get a salary (which they also should do)
- Get protective equipment and best wokring conditions as possible with the support of the international community which protects them from the desease

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Hi Caroline.
There has been discussion on this site about cultural sensitivity and awareness to issues around funeral rites which cannot happen due to the risk of infection. Many loved ones are being cremated. (I think they usually bury the dead. I am not sure. Do you know?) There has been much discussion about the PPE being frightening for the ill and for all members of the community. The funerary workers appear to be wearing the same PPE. I wonder if there is a way to create PPE that is a different color, something in line with local customs for a funeral, something that is distinguished as being used specifically for those who are carrying and burying the dead as a sign of respect to them and their loved ones. I wonder if this can elevate the role of these workers within the greater community.
Does anyone have knowledge regarding funerary customs in the effected countries?

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