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Ebola Health Action Team (E.H.A.T.)

Ebola Health Action Team (EHAT) is an innovation focussed on strengthening human resource capacity in Ebola stricken areas and by providing healthcare workers (HCWs) training, certification, community empowerment and by means of providing the HCWs the essential tools for protection in form of a kit.

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(Team members: Sulzhan Bali, Lyttelton Braima, Bolun Li, Lily Martyn, Naman Pandey, and Starling Shan)

EHAT= EHAT Training + EHAT Kit 
EHAT consists of 10-20 HCWs per PHC/ urban zones which will include 1-2 previously trained HCWs and the other HCWs recruited from the community.  The EHAT training will include 3 levels of certification offered every 6 months at community centers/schools. Level 2 and 3 training comes with monetary incentives with career opportunities at the completion of level 3. EHAT training at level 3 will be horizontally integrative so the HCWs can work in other diseases settings as well. 

Each team member will be provided with an EHAT kit which will include sanitizers, ORS, continuous EHAT temperature monitor, and an analog phone. The kit will serve as an incentive as well as protect the HCWs as the ebola virus is vulnerable to sanitizers. Most deaths in Ebola cases occur due to diarrhoea and the ORS sachets will help HCWs save lives. The temperature monitor and analog phone will continuously monitor body temp of HCWs for fever and will come with an emergency button. The HCWs can also use the analog phone for contact tracing or for seeking help. 

Our idea focusses on incentivisation, recruitment, and retaining of HCWS as well as providing them with tools and training for their safety. 


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