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Eazy breezy : light and cheap way to battle ebola

When there is a reporting of an out break in America and patients have to go into hospital have a portion allocated to Ebola patients who are showing symptoms specifically. That whole section of the hospital is cut off from the rest and is lined with a material like a tarp. All employees before going into the room put on new "suits". They do there job and disinfect the area everyday. When the employees are done with the patient they the employee is then moved into a secondary room where they bring the temperature up high enough to kill the virus. When they leave they throw the suits into an insenary or can keep them sense the virus is killed.

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I think it will succeed because i is isolating the problem and by bring the tempature of the secondary room up to kill the virus around 180 degrees the virus will not leae that room and the human wont have to go to the sauana that day at the gym either


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