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Improving the Doffing PPE Process

The idea would include series of sealed tented areas to slowly and carefully allow someone to take off layers in layers of rooms. Each area would include proper guidelines and rules, bins for disposing infected clothes, cleaning station and anything else that might be needed to make sure that once someone left, they went through a thorough process. A buddy is there with them as they go through it to be a visual check as well. Ideally this would tie in related and relevant ideas in this challenge.

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There are so many great ideas related to PPE and hoping to tie some experiences together. I talked with a family member in the medical profession about this challenge and she mentioned how there might be a way to incorporate a more sealed disrobing process for aid and medical workers.

Doffing support idea could also work with this idea and could be applied to the donning process to make sure people are properly protected while putting on gear. Giving people a person to be responsible can help build in accountability for each other. Someone will always have a buddy to call upon to check to see if they took the proper cautions as they put on and take off their PPE.

These sealed tents could also incorporate other ideas posted such as including disfecting such as uv lights or other technologies to streamline the experience.

Things to consider:
-How to clean/disinfect/dispose of the PPE and area?
-How long the process to put on/take off PPE really takes and go through the different rooms?
-How do you know when you did not properly take off or dispose of something? The buddy system should help, but accidents do happen.

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Hi T. Annie, you best know that something was not done properly if you make a video recording of the doffing process. Like a black box in an airplane.