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dehydration to blame for short periods of protection

like a car beeing intercooled on the same basis can we illiminate the fatigue and heat prone careworkers

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over time ive noticed that if your to sweat in the heat under alot of heathy clothing you get cold sweats, The same basis aplies to this theory internal cooling system for careworkers,This could enable them to work more effective in higher heats without destressing the careworkers its an uncomfortable job as it is but to maximize the efficientcy and heat prone (PPE'S) this could be the right idea, Layers and layers wont work but an effective intercooling system of the body might(Wheather its to slow the heart rate down, To not cause stress and over heating) drinking fluids is the idea maybe replacing electrolytes in conjucntion with safty proceedures not to indanger careworkers on the field
its just a thought either way keep the ideas coming


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images here of biking water packs with tube "straw": perhaps a cheaper disposable version could be designed for patients and/or HCW use?

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thanks Rebecca i like the concept and i agree a cheaper more disposable option would need to be considered but this is great initiative,Do you know if HCW have access to supplements like electrolytes?