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Portable Cooling Station for Modified PPE and Hazmat Suits

A portable light weight hand held electric blower modified to be use as a cooling station for PPE and Hazmat suits. With proper cooling breaks and protective suit type, can greatly extend work period thus reducing number of suit removal and reducing infectious waste.

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Adding active cooling to PPE and Hazmat suits will cool the suit to some extent. The more effective the cooling system; the more weight, cost, or complexity added to the suit. A cooling station which blows air through an entry port to the suit will be more effective in cooling and drying the user. Alternatively, a light weight cooling unit can be attach and stay with suit with power fed through an electrical plug in. Cooling breaks can greatly extend the work period in a PPE thus reducing infectious waste, number of risky suit removal, and cost of disposable suit replacement.
A hand held and light weight electric blower or venilation fan unit can be modified to serve as a portable or fixed cooling station. Portability will allow user to move the unit to different work area and remain connected to the suit. The blower's nozzle is modified to fit in to a protective suit's ventilation port; the modification is possible if the port grips the suit material tightly and covered by a filter. The connection is safe if clean properly before use. The air supply is filtered or fed to the blower is supply by an air duct from a safe area. If the unit is fixed in one place, the air supply can run through cooling elements such as ice packs, air conditioning, or even ground water to make the station work better.
Do not add extra weight to the PPE
Can be modified to work with a car battery
Can be use in conjunction with other built in suit cooling system
Can be mass produce and deliver now

Will still need power
Must sterilize connection to suit every time using the station


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Photo of Raul Villaseca

Hi Kien:
I am also of the idea that the cooling system must be out of the suit. It occurs to me that a "chilled chair" where the health worker rest and cool a few minutes before continuing.

Photo of Kien Ly

Hi Raul. That sounds like a great idea. Maybe an inexpensive chilled water pads for the seat and back rest. It would go great with the cooling station. Let me know if you want to collaborate.

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