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Co2 Cooling Vest to be warn under PPE Gear... Converts liquid Co2 to a gas and circulated though tubes in the garment giving instant cooling that lasts for two hours. It is safe, effective and readily available.

The PROCOOL Co2 System weighs just three pounds. This system requires no ice no water no refrigeration... Just Co2 that is readily available through worldwide distribution such as AirGas etc. The tanks and all components can be decontaminated in the 5% Clorine Solution after each use and has no limit to number of uses. Simply refill the Co2 paintball type canister and open the control valve and you are actively COOLING...

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This system is used daily in the oil and gas industry - industrial - first responder and surgical fields.

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Evaluation of a Carbon Dioxide Personal Cooling Device for Workers in Hot Environments.pdf

Just some additional information on our Co2 cooling system.


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Hi Jay, we'd like to share some guiding questions to help the development of your idea through engagement from our community and experts in their feedback.

Distribution - how will these be distributed to remote communities that need them? Is this a viable option for West Africa? What partners would be needed to deploy this?

Adoption - what do we need to include in the suits that will help with training them how to use and follow safe protocol, especially in donning and doffing?

Manufacturing - How much will it cost per suit and what would be the turn around for deployment in design and production time?

We're looking forward to seeing your idea build out as a result of expert knowledge. Feel free to update your idea and indicate what else you need to make this happen as you get more feedback. Good luck!

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