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App for flagging yourself - Let everyone know you have been potentially exposed so everyone else can take action on their own.

Being responsible and identifying yourself can be the most helpful, proactive way to take action on our own. As soon you find out you may have been exposed to anyone (such as being on same flight as a confirmed patient or have been in contact with someone who was on that same flight), mark yourself and set the level of exposure as direct, indirect, etc. and then others will know if they've been in contact with you and quarantine themselves. It can be a way to catchup and be ahead of the race against Ebola. KNOWING you've been exposed is critical. A website should show ALL potential threats of exposure, like a heatmap.

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Example of how it works
  • I find out on the news that I was on the same flight as a patient
  • I mark myself as level 2 potential (in the same room, etc.)
  • Everyone has this data, and if they have been in contact with me, they can mark themselves as level 3 potential
  • Everyone takes measures and precautions to quarantine themselves at an appropriate level

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