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Amplify survivors' stories

Having Ebola survivors share experiences can be a powerful way to motivate, educate and remove stigma.

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We tend to mainly hear about Ebola infections, deaths and the number of victims. Successful Ebola recovery stories in the media are typically those of foreign nationals who benefit from care and experimental drugs abroad. This and word-of-mouth misinformation fuels a sense of fear, injustice and hopelessness.

By sharing more personal stories of survival, we can offer arguably the most meaningful and powerful motivation to take the recommended steps prevent Ebola and get care, despite the stigma ( WHO).

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Hey Sheldon! Check this out! This is a news segment aired in Uganda about two months ago. Since the country was declared Ebola-free in February this year during the recent outbreak there have been no stories on the survivors. This would be a great idea to reduce the stigma the survivors now face.

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