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Why not just use the suits that the British government has already has specially designed and ordered 100,000 of since nothing this effort produces will be available in time to be of any use whatsoever in the current outbreak, one of your goals? Come to that, why not get the CDC to have a look at the unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London in which the staff do not have to don PPE as the bed is an enclosed unit with built in face masks, gloves etc and an airlock system to deliver and remove items to the patient as necessary.

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 They successfully treated an ebola patient - a nurse who then went on to provide plasma for Dr Brantly and who is returning to Sierra Leone to continue his work. No staff at the Royal Free Hospital were infected!


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Hi Peter,

Great post!

May I please recommend that you submit your second great idea regarding High Level Isolation Units (HLIU) in a separate submission? I think the HLIU's are a great idea. I only wonder if they're cost-effective right now in West Africa because of the cost. However, if there's a way to make HLIU's that are cost effective and a good investment then a definite viable solution in my opinion. The HLIU's could be considered a good investment when one considers the cost of PPE over the next year and as a long term investment for West African Hospitals - combined with perhaps mass producing to reduce costs. The article link you included was also very helpful. - .

Best Regards

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