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A Fast Disease Calls for Fast Action

Ebola outbreaks happen fast and take their toll fast. in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, and Nigeria alone this current out break has already sickened 2127 people and killed 1145. There is no time to lose. The World Health Organization has been studying the Disease and has possible solutions but none are a sure fire way to stop this disease. What needs to be done is to make this outbreak a giant case study for the disease as a whole so that when every patient survives we know exactly what they did to live through the disease and we can quickly pass on the trends of what is and isn't working to other infected individuals.

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There needs to be a system in which scientests studying the disease can quickly post their findings so that the information can be quickly passed along and used in other cases. this would be effective because it would allow researchers of the disease to see the results of many patients not just their own.


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