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A design of protection garment : SAFE AND RE-USABLE

Considering that the Abola can be killed by UV, a idea comes to me that to invent a safe and reusable protection garment. It has four layers: waterproof and anti-acid coating, double UV protection textiles and elastic fabric. Each UV protection layer can reduce 97.5% of UV radiation, so double UV protection layers can reduce 99.94% of UVR. The garment can be cleaned as it has an anti-acid and waterproof layer made by nanometer. the elastic fabric layer, which is produced by integrated treatment, makes the garment can be enlarged by blowing air into it, so that users can easily put on and take off. It is a totally-enclosed garment. After touching infected person, users just need get into a UV room for 2 mins, with disinfectant fluid wash

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Currently, most protection garment are single-use, they are biochemically destroyed after be used. The drawbacks are two. First, there is possibility to infect Abola when medical care personnels take off protections garments and when the wasted garments are gathered and tranported. Second, destroying them is not a sustainable way: it adds cost, and waste materials.
While this design of protection garment can solve this problem. Users can put it on with an air blower help. The only hole on the top will be covered.

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A transparent mask and an air filter also will be facilitated on the protection garment