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Portable Soft Walled Shelters with AsepticSure Technology underway for the fight against Ebola.

In the process already... Portable soft walled shelters and the AsepticSure technology which will be used as temporary and fully portable treatment and quarantine facilities for Ebola victims.

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I have worked with Brad over the past few years developing portable hospitals for use in South Sudan. His company is one of the most innovative on the planet and from the following letter I received on Sept, 3, 2014, he was well on his way in rapid prototyping and development.

I just received his latest update 10/8/2014.

Attached and below is the latest information on what we have available related to Ebola.  The configuration attached was created from the consensus of 5 infectious disease experts and this recommended Ebola field hospital is configured as a 40-50 bed field hospital with expansion in 30 bed lots. You will notice one drawing showing arrows – green is for two way traffic and red is one way traffic.
Most of the kit we can deliver but some of it is better received by the client.  Unfortunately this is not an “available and ready to ship” scenario, rather we will need to begin the manufacturing process with any firm orders.  That said we have the ability to ramp up rather quickly.

We have pilot program with Queens University in Kingston along with our partner Medizone ( where we plan to demonstrate effective 6 log decontamination of Corona virus inside our structures in a remote setting.  Corona virus is more virulent but similar to Ebola in structure.  Effectively eradicating Corona virus inside our shelters will prove that Ebola can also be eradicated.
The solution will comprise our portable soft walled shelters and the AsepticSure technology which will show that our shelters can be used as temporary and fully portable treatment and quarantine facilities for Ebola victims.  Once the patient has exited the shelter then the AsepticSure technology will completely clean and eradicate the virus in 90 to 120 minutes making the facility usable for the next patient. The real benefit of this solution is that it can be taken to the remote villages and effectively utilized to lower the spread of the virus.  Treating patients in the field will prevent them from migrating to the larger cities where the majority of hospitals are not prepared.  This solution is also scalable to create extra treatment and quarantine capacity as required.

We are close to introducing to the market.
Brad Matchung, P.Eng.,
Unit 35, 1545 Britannia Road East
Mississauga, ON  L4W 3C6
T: 604-921-8805
C: 778-558-2172
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Deborah Paterson

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"Deborah you are welcome on the team to help us in the promotion of this so that we can start receiving orders from gov. or individuals or corporations willing to step in and begin correcting this very deadly desease."

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Chingpou Palmei

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"Guichingdin, your idea of turning Bee keeping suits into use to stop Ebola is at least on the surface a great idea if they will do all that is required to reduce exposure. Welcome aboard..."


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Hi, I see a helicopter in your image. Have been wondering if they'll be used to access remote villages to send supplies, tents. Have you heard whether any groups on the ground will be using them ?

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