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Patient-centric GIS app to track real-time hospital bed availability and support services integrated with interactive forum for patients and survivors.

Our vision is that the website (and mobile app in development) will provide a means for patients, caregivers and communities to access information that will help empower them and enable them play a key role in their care. Key themes are: · Identify country hotline numbers and current Ebola Treatment Units, Isolation/Holding Centers (and Burial/Cremation sites near them) through the map-tracking tool. · Access real-time (facility) bed availability so families/patients can plan where to seek treatment · Watch and read the testimonials and stories of others who have survived this disease to provide hope and mitigate stigmatization · Connect with each other via an interactive discussion forum for patients/survivors

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Currently, there are numerous reports of people traveling great distances in search of care for loved ones/family members infected with Ebola only to be turned away at the treatment units due to a lack of available beds. There have also been reports of under-utilization of facilities as a result of lack of awareness and fear. We are exploring collaborations with local partners in each affected country to support the back-end development of a real-time tracking system to redirect patients to the closest hospitals with available beds. In addition, the site will better inform care-seekers on the availability of resources. In the event that beds aren’t available, our interactive forum will offer guidance on supportive means of care. 

We also provide a platform where patients, caregivers and survivors can share their experiences and learn from each other. Survivors can share their inspirational stories by post and video as well. 


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Hi mDoc team! Thanks so much for joining the conversation with your amazing insights, expertise and passion. Congratulations on making our highlights list, we were really impressed by the potential your idea has to help rapidly equip care communities in the fight against Ebola and we hope that it will inspire the community to contribute more to the cause. Thank you!

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Thank you OpenIDEO for putting together this platform! We are glad to contribute to the conversation and are grateful for the opportunity to learn form the community.

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