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Checklists and Other Tools

Educational resources available to seniors and caregivers on fall prevention and risk.

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    A Selection of Printed Tools For Patients and Caregivers

I wanted to share some of the tools that I discovered that are available either directly to the public, online, or might be handed out at a visit with a professional, medical, physical therapy etc.  

I asked some active seniors, all in their 80s, whether they have ever seen or received a Fall Prevention Checklist.  None had.  Each receives regular medical care from physicians that have cared for them for several years.

Note from an email conversation I had with an active 86 year old woman.  She lives alone.

"I haven't seen a check list. I have one in my head! Always hold on to hand rail when going up or down stairs, don't climb on ladders to reach high shelves, watch for cracks in the side walks, be careful when getting up from seat or out of bed, don't run!!

Here are a sample of Checklists and other Patient Information Materials from reputable sources.  Are people accessing and using them?

Are the people you know or have interviewed aware of fall prevention checklists or other resources?  

Fall Prevention Checklists

cdc.gov_ Click on Link Below For Full Brochure with Checklist
CDC Check For Safety Brochure from the STEADI Campaign.                        

STEADI - Stop Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries

nycdoh.gov_ Click on Link Below For Full Brochure

NYC Dept. Of Health: How To Prevent Falls - A Guide For Older Adults,

Ohio Health

Ohio Health Blog: Senior Fall Prevention Home Checklist

I wanted to highlight and add the following:

Comprehensive Checklist 

Source:  The Tech Enhanced Life Blog mentioned here - RESEARCH POST   This list is far more extensive than the ones above.  It is an excellent resource!


CDC - Check Your Risk Of Falling Brochure 

CDC - Chair Rise Exercise Instruction Sheet

CDC - Stay Independent: Prevent Falls Fact Sheet

CDC - What YOU Can Do To Prevent Falls - Brochure

CDC - Postural Hypotension: What It Is And How To Manage It


CDC - Protect Your Loved Ones From Falling

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Are older adults accessing fall prevention information that is currently available? Where and from whom are seniors getting information? What platforms might we design for communication of information outside of medical encounters? Can broadening the audience for messaging help in fall prevention work? Who to target for greatest impact?

Tell us about your work experience:

I am a pediatrician and have practiced as a clinician, educator and administrator. I am a HCD enthusiast! I mentor for the Design For America Club at NYU, and have been a Community Mentor on OI.


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Photo of Joy_Chokchai

Hello Bettina!

Thank you for providing a treasure trove of assessment and reference materials! It worries me that the majority of patients and families are not aware of fall/safety precautions and that it is not assessed until someone has already fallen.

My contribution to this challenge ( would provide assessment tools for advocates to utilize and a lot of these resources would be beneficial to include. I also think that the MAHC-10 ( as a validated tool could be included as well.

Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Hi Joy. I am glad you found this post and that you find the resources here helpful for your project!
I am also worried that older adults are not aware of fall prevention precautions and resources. I had a quick look at your post. I like that it focuses on advocacy and evidence based care! I am a physician. One of my interests is in systems, improving them so that care is better served and integrated. I will read your idea more thoroughly and comment there.

Thanks for sharing the MAHC -10. Some of the questions are fairly in depth - ex) eye diseases. Who would be administering this?