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The path for fall prevention starts today

Inspired by Tuba Naziruddin and Avery Deng, this post represents a follow up on our visit to the Silvercrest Center

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A couple of weeks ago, my research team and I went to the Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, where people go for inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation and long-term care.  We interviewed the Director of the Ambulatory Center for Rehabilitation and the Director of Social Services, along with some of their patients.

We wanted to learn from the experts their ideas and knowledge on best practices to prevent old adults falls. They all agreed that, in order to prevent falls, old adults must have a Mediterranean diet, exercise regularly to maintain good joints and muscles and strong knees and hips. Also, they mentioned the importance of learning to handle stress and to deal with losses. Finally, they mention how key it was to have a good posture and to go and see a doctor regularly.

While they were answering, I observed our group of young people standing up while listening and I though I wanted to know if they had specific best practices for young people to prevent future falls. I asked the question, and to my surprise, they both answer the same: "We already told you". I was surprised to learn that the recommendations to prevent falls were exactly the same for old adults than for young people. And it makes sense.

The take away is to make sure you are having a healthy life; eat healthy and exercise regularly.

The path for fall prevention starts today, for everyone. Don’t wait until it is too late.


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Hi Jimena!

Thank you for your post. Am I right in thinking that fall prevention is healthy lifestyle promotion? Fall prevention can start at any age. How could you encourage younger adults to adopt the correct lifestyle in preparation for old age?

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