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Mobility Devices Specifically To Maintain Support & Ease Of Use For Aged People After Leg Injuries

Designing & using a variable fit leg brace to support lower limbs after accident, injury or to support weight transfer for elderly users.

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The Freedom Leg is a proven, well designed adjustable leg brace marketed as a therapeutic medical device, intended to act as a weight off loading recovery device for people who have had knee, lower leg , ankle or foot surgery or injury. It is also a particularly effective device for people with diabetic sores to aid in healing. A mobility device for below knee amputees after initial surgery and replacement for prosthetics when recovering from sores developed from pressure or irritation on an amputeeā€™s stump.

No Limitations

Stabilize and Support

Wrap around thigh cuff and shin pad safely support and stabilize the injured femur, knee, ankle, foot or lower leg. Adjustable sizing of thigh pad and weight bearing under foot stirrup.

Additional Knee Stabilization

When additional knee stability is required the Freedom Leg is the answer.

Compatible With Cast or Boot

Unique external adjustable weight bearing anti-slip stirrup wraps around and under cast or boot.

Ambulate Independently

With your hands free you can accomplish all your normal day to day tasks without assistance.

Retain Leg Strength

You still use the upper leg muscles on the injured leg to walk. This will reduce the atrophy of the upper leg muscles normally associated with extended periods of weight off-loading which can significantly reduce your rehabilitation time.


With your hands free, and not having to use crutches, you can safely climb stairs while supporting your movement using the handrail.

Before and after surgery

Perfect solution both before and after surgery on knee, foot or lower limb.

Reduce Recover Time

In active use the Freedom Leg has been demonstrated to reduce effective recovery time from leg injuries by up to 20%, especially after knee surgery where weight transfer is critical and natural leg movement is preferable.

Lightweight and Durable

Made from light weight and durable advanced composite materials. Total weight is 3 lbs.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Freedom Leg is preferable for many types of leg or lower limb injuries and more effectively used when users have mobility difficulty using conventional crutches. Use is more natural and users are able to adequately manage walking up and down stairs, walking over uneven ground and across various surfaces. Leaving hands free for optional extra support is preferred over other mobility devices.

Tell us about your work experience:

We have manufactured Freedom Leg for over 9 years in our mobility factory in Vietnam, primarily focused on exporting product to USA, Canada, Australia and other markets.

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Hi Malcolm!

Thank you for sharing Freedom Leg with us. What is the approximate cost of a freedom leg compared to crutches?

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