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Judo teaches its students how to break falls to prevent injuries

Perhaps elders can be similarly trained.

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Judo students are taught how to break their falls so that they don't hurt themselves. (Judo is a martial art).

I wonder if the same guidelines could apply to seniors, or if we could devise new ones to help them. This would go back to the education thread that we were discussing. From the interviews posted, it seems like some seniors would be more open to this (Sana's NanuE and this lady) than others. Ethnicity and mindset may also play a role in how this is implemented. 

Update: Turns out this is being implemented!

Kate Rushton found a video of older adults in Germany taking judo classes.
She also suggests that this can help overcome the fear of falling mentioned in You Have The Power To Prevent A Fall, which I think could very well be true - if seniors are trained how to fall without hurting themselves, they may not be as fearful of falling.

I wonder if this goes against the mindset of caution and prevention that we discussed in a few other posts, like My Nanu and Understanding Senior Needs, among others. I think it may not, because in this video Anne-Laure found, a 95-year-old man teaches people how to fall safely and he says the more you fall, the more comfortable you are with falling. This man is actually conducting classes on how to fall! Similarly, here's a video Anne-Laure found on tips to fall safely.

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What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Though this is a measure that doesn't prevent falling, it could mitigate the damage caused by the fall.

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Hi Sanjana!

Thank you for another great post. I found a video of older adults in Germany taking judo classes -

Would this help overcome the fear of falling mentioned in You Have The Power To Prevent A Fall ?

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Thanks Kate for building on my post - your contributions show how it's being implemented and make the connection between it being a potential preventive! Do you mind if I update my post with your information?

Photo of Kate Rushton

Yes, feel free to update and amend posts. It is good to see them develop.

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Updated :)

Photo of Anne-Laure Fayard

Great post Sanjana and I love how you updated it! Thanks Kate Rushton for finding the video. Loving this collaborative research effort :-) I love also how this echoes my post about looking at infants falling. I did judo as a kid and it's true that a big part of the practice is learning how to fall. I did a few more research I found this video:
and check this one video:

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Thanks for your contributions Anne-Laure, added them to the post!

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