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Interview at Silver Center

Notes of the interview at Silver Center

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My team members and I went to Silver Center this week and did some interviews. After talking with the experts and patients, I learned some interesting facts about Senior’s fall.

  • A new environment is most likely to bring senior’s fall. Let them live in a settled place is very important for them. If they have to move to a new environment, then you need to pay attention on them.
  • Most seniors realize they need to pay attention on falls only after incidents happen.
  • In their home, bathroom and kitchen are most often rooms that accidents take place. Because the space of bathroom and kitchen are very small and the structures are very complicated. For seniors, they can reconstruct their bathroom and kitchen. For example, they can place items on lower shelf, remove the rugs and wax the floor.
  • Rehab center can help seniors find out the reason why they fall. At first, they talk to them to understand their family history and known conditions. Second, they check their body to analyze their health condition more thoroughly. And last, based on the observation and examination, they give them some advices and treatments.
  • Some medicine’s side effect could make seniors weak and make them easy to fall. They should understand those side effects and be careful in their daily life.
  • When seniors start to feel weak, easy to get tired, or muscular weakness, they need to pay attention on falls.

  • Brain injury is one of the most serious consequences of fall. Other serious consequences are fracture, paralysis, and infection. Knowing how to take care of seniors after they fall is very important.

  • There are three types of walker. Four wheels, two wheels, and no wheel. Senior should choose a suitable walker. Four wheels walker suit for those legs are still nimble because it could move very fast. And no wheel walker suit for those who have serious walking issues.

  • Many seniors very contradict to Rehab Center because it is not easy for them to accept they are too weak to take care of themselves. Family plays an important role on their psychological construction. Family members should give them courage and let them consider “old” can be cool.

I learned a lot at Silver Center, the experts and patients gave me many new aspects of senior’s fall. It is a big help to my following research stages. 


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Great post, Avery! I wonder if with your experience and Tyler's at the YMCA Interview Summary: Active Older Adults at NYC's McBurney YMCA , you could identify some priorities.

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