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Fall Detection Device

This research article talks about a fall detection device through floor vibrations and sound.

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    Wearable fall detection devices are extremely common however, not everybody wants to parade the fact that they need assistance. This research article discusses a device that uses floor vibration and sound and can be installed in any house. 

Here is the abstract of the article:

"Falls are very prevalent among the elderly especially in their home. The statistics show that approximately one in every three adults 65 years old or older falls each year. Almost 30% of those falls result in serious injuries. Studies have shown that the medical outcome of a fall is largely dependent upon the response and rescue time. Therefore, reliable and immediate fall detection system is important so that adequate medical support could be delivered. We have developed a unique and inexpensive solution that does not require subjects to wear anything. The solution is based on floor vibration and acoustic sensing, and uses a pattern recognition algorithm to discriminate between human or inanimate object fall events. Using the proposed system we can detect human falls with a sensitivity of 95% and specificity of 95%."

For more information:'s%20poster.pdf


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Hi Vanda, that's very interesting. I understand that the device is attached to the floor. I have read an article about a similar device that connects to the home phone. When a fall is detected, the device calls for help automatically too.

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Hi Vanda, interesting post!

How did you find out about this technology?

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