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9 Ways to Become an Expert in Using a Power Wheelchair

Through right Use, Power Wheelchair could become a blessing, not a challenge.

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A power-assisted wheelchair is essential wheelchairs with a motor machine that provides comfort. The motor allows the wheelchair to move quickly and easily. It helps the user to overcome obstacles. If you decide to operate a power wheelchair one thing comes in your mind that you should consult an expert regarding your practice and needs. You need to talk to your therapist as well as with the wheelchair technology expert. To be an expert in using power wheelchair 9 things must be in your mind.

1- Manual Guide 

If you are a new user of a power wheelchair. Then there comes a manual guide when you purchased it. One must read the manual guide to avoid the problems while operating a power wheelchair. Always try to read the owner’s wheelchair guide this will also provide the warranty information. The service should also be done once a year.

2- Tongue Drive System 

To be an expert in a power wheelchair a patient must be that much literate to operate the machine. In some of the power wheelchair, there is a tongue drive system specially designed for quadriplegic this tongue drive system, a magnetic stud is been implanted the patient’s tongue. This allows the power wheelchair user to use their muscle as a joystick for their wheelchairs. This tongue device system has proven effective for quadriplegic patients. For this purpose, the expert will also guide you for your satisfaction and you can use your tongue to operate your power wheelchair.

3. Assistive Technology Practitioner (ATP)

ATP is a professional involved in the industry of healthcare to be an expert in using a power wheelchair these professionals are specialized in providing the best machines. If you have a degree in rehabilitation then you are capable to apply for an ATP license that’s how you become capable to help and guide people on a power wheelchair.

4. Certifications

Tired to find information about power wheelchair? There are certification courses that help to sort out your problem to become an expert power wheelchair user. There is a certain institution that is educating people about how to use a power wheelchair. Yor need to spend somehow in a school to become an expert. There is an official website by the name RESNA to become e a professional Assistive Technology practitioner what you have to do is download an application from RESNA official website, you need $500 to be paid for your valid application.

5. Face to Face Customer Service 

If one does not have a certification the alternative to this is that you have to adjust enough hours with experience on the field i.e face to face customer service able to get enough experience to become capable to guide disabled people and to become an expert of a power wheelchair.

6. Cost Coverage 

When you are an expert in a wheelchair and you go out to buy the one for a disabled person you can choose the best economical one. Cost matters yes, but there are some of the wheelchairs whose costs are effective and they provide an outstanding necessity for disabled persons.

7. Accidents and Injuries 

The high rate of injuries has been reported. While operating a power wheelchair or manual wheelchair mishaps can happen. Your physicians, therapist and also the experts are there to help you out with this problem. To be an expert in using a power wheelchair certain training sessions were held for the proper guidance.

8. Mechanical Brake Controls

Power wheelchair and manual wheelchairs are provided with brakes. Mechanical brakes are used in a power wheelchair. You can either control that with your single hand or with both hands. Comparative it is more likely to be beneficial than manual brakes because manual brakes need the pressure to exert. Whereas mechanical brake controls are just a hand touch away. If you are an expert in operating a power wheelchair this system is no longer be difficult for you.

9. Power Wheelchair When Becomes Wet

The quantum power wheelchair has been tested with the exposure of water and is designed in such a way to avoid rusting. But what if your wheelchair becomes wet? No matter how perfect your wheelchair is you have to wipe up your wheelchair with a piece of cloth. Make sure your joystick system is working properly and you must check your mechanical brakes as well.

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