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Network Mentoring for Falls Elderly (NEMEFA)

The idea designed to dealing the problem falls facing the elderly people by preparing youths to be a good mentors of prevent falls elders.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it enable older adults to live their best possible life by preventing falls?

The idea is designed for young people living with the elderly and those who not living with an elderly but they are intended to help to prevent falls of elderly in our community. The idea aims to improve health outcomes for older by encouraging interaction between young and old to understand how to mentor. To work together with agencies & recognizing the needs of elderly with the appropriate community volunteer, provide adults pre exerice worked up a sweat, canvas sandshoes, the active footwear.

Falls are a serious problem facing the elderly people over 65 years. Studies show that more than 30% people over 65 years of age fall each year and half of cases fall are recurrent, about of in ten falls results in serious injuries such as hip fracture, other fractures hematoma or traumatic brain injury. A low body mass index, which indicates poor nutrition, is associated with increased risk. Vitamin D deficiency is quite common in elderly people living in institutions and many lead to wrong gait patterns, muscle weakness, osteomalacia and osteoporosis

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

This is a innovative idea created to preventing falling to elderly designed to provide the youth of our communities with understanding how to mentor elderly, work together with referring agencies to match a students in needs of elderly with the appropriate community volunteer. The weight of this idea lies in the community level as I have done the first pilot in my own community and getting the feedback that this idea will met with the expectation of prevent falling of elderly.

What skills, input, or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

OpenIDEO is the wider community which has many experts, it will be better to get the most helpful in building out or refining my idea to enable older adults to live their best possible life by preventing falls. 1. What do you think about network mentoring for falls elderly? 2. Is there actual demand for preparing young people to be good mentors of prevent falls elders 3. Do you think the project helps students to gain a better understanding of falls problem and solution in mentoring program

How long has your idea existed?

  • Over 1 year

This idea emerged from

  • A group brainstorm

Tell us about your work experience:

I'm a social innovator. I took my first course of Human Centered Design in 2013. I loved working in collaboration with other social innovators around the world. Since 2014 I joined the OpenIDEO and working in researching and posting the innovative idea. I am proud to be in this platform.

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Photo of Japhet Aloyce Kalegeya

This idea is very important in preventing falls of elderly. In order to do this we need collaboration with other stakeholders, as well as being experts, exercise equipment, training and meetings to discuss the falls of elderly. The students work one-on-one with the same partner for 10 weeks, and develop a set of goals that fits their client's needs.

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