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Creating a product that helps the elderly maintain balance during points of transition, such as sitting to standing.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it enable older adults to live their best possible life by preventing falls?

Our users consist of any person that is susceptible to or has an increased risk of falling due to several conditions including but not limited to: muscle weakness or gait, environmental disturbances, weakness due to medication, poor foot care, poorly fitted shoes, cumbersome walking aids, balance problems, poor eyesight, limited mobility, or previous injuries. A large portion of this user base consists of elderly people over the age of sixty-five in which some live alone.

The elderly experience 55% of all falls within their homes. These incidents normally happen when their balance is at a point of transition: getting out of bathtubs, beds, and chairs or traversing up and down stairs. Our concept was to create dedicated docking stations in locations transitions in balance were most likely to occur and with the cane inside the docking station would the user would have the leverage needed to facilitate rising and sitting.

How long has your idea existed?

  • Over 1 year

This idea emerged from

  • A student collaboration

Tell us about your work experience:

I graduated from RPI with a dual bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and received my MFA for Industrial Design from SCAD. Currently, I am working as a Mechanical Engineer at a product development consultancy.

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Hi Nathan,

Thank you for all your participation in the challenge and for sharing Canestand with us.

All of the ideas posts are locked but the comments section is still open, so please feel free to look at other ideas and comment on them, seek feedback on your idea etc.

I know I have asked many ideators this question but I am asking again as some ideas pivoting in the challenge. Would you say your idea is Most Viable or Most Promising? How would the incentives associated with that Award (Most Viable/Most Promising) be helpful for you?

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