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The Process of Unifying Group Innovation

In a global community with global interests, how might we strategize to efficiently capture the contributions of all people in society?

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With the dawn of the 21st century, the human world is now connected like never before. Social media has given new meaning to the term 'collective thought' and technology has given a voice to the voiceless.

But with such a large output of diverse opinions and ideas, how might we effectively capture this information productively?

Open Innovation must be defined to tackle this challenge and must represent the process by which the ideas of the masses are strategized to form solutions to societal problems. Open Innovation must make use of system level thinking to manipulate such diverse input.

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Loomio is visually a lovely platform, but the challenge is to build infrastructures that are a bit more nuanced and sustainable for knowledge sharing.  Although it's not perfect, OpenIDEO is at least attempting to address a more systems level approach by tracing the ideas/inspiration/strategy to execution part.  What's now needed is ways to take things past implementation and more into metrics and ways to manage projects and build off of one another while also seeing ideas from across topics.  I'm not sure any software does this effectively yet.

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Thanks for pointing out Loomio Christophe! My understanding however is that Loomio is directed towards organizations or groups, as opposed to a broader open forum. While this has its place, I believe that true 'Open' Innovation requires Open platforms. Unfortunately Loomio requires you to physically invite specific contributors. In this sense OpenIDEO is one step closer to what I believe to be a more inclusive, and hence disruptive, platform. 

I do wish that in the future OpenIDEO allows challenges and problems to be posted directly from contributors. As per Rachel's comment, we could link these posts and try to identify common threads and metrics on a systems level. Then from that data we might be able to identify the actual broader problems to which we could focus our problem-solving juice!

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Rachel I like your point about tracing - or telling the story of - an idea through to execution. That would be inspirational, as well as a method for reporting metrics and having dialogue throughout the exectution... but that makes me wonder: does project management need to happen inside OpenIDEO too? That just seems like a huge amount of capability for the platform to develop.