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Reboloção! Open innovation for self-employment

Assisting people in creating their own employment through open innovation and co-design - a project for knife sharpeners in Porto

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The Reboloção! initiative was planned and carried out by Jaime Sarró and was meant to give the city of Oporto new self-employed knife sharpeners. A companion website to the project displays step-by-step info on how to become a knife sharpener (manual on technique, dealing with customers and a financial/legal aspects), a video with a knife sharpener from Oporto who later participated in training knife sharpening apprentices himself, and examples of the tools knife sharpeners around the world have designed and manufactured.

Anywhere in the world can use the materials to become  knife sharpener.

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Please just recognise Jaime Sarró.


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Great post Ana! Do you know if people also submitted their own techniques? It'd be interesting to see how Jaime Sarró's initiative has created a community where knife-sharpeners built on each other's trade techniques:T

Photo of Ana Correia de Barros

Hi, Shane! I'm glad you liked it. I'm afraid the project ended before there was time to create a community such as the one you mention. It was developed under a broader initiative called "Manobras no Porto", designed to rethink and revitalise the city by involving inhabitants and visitors:

Photo of Shane Zhao

Great, thanks for the additional link!