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OpenIDEO- lessons for life

My participation in OpenIDEO has helped me become more creative, taught me the art of story-telling and created a sense of belonging.

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My participation at OpenIDEO made me more creatively confident and nudged me to share my ideas with the community. It definitely made me more creative through learning:

1. to draw parallels between countries, communities, various fields of research, different walks of life and using analogies to spark new ideas

2. the art of telling a story- say what you have to say in a concise manner

3. to discover that ideas can have sex and great new ideas can be born; combining ideas is very powerful

4. to become resourceful and leverage various sources to search for inspiration

Through my participation at OpenIDEO I felt I belonged to a community of very smart and creative individuals with insanely positive attitude. During the various challenges and the ideation process, I learned that local communities play an essential role in driving change. Until that moment I was not aware of that, but through the storytelling of my openIDEO fellows, I learned that by various examples.

Through OpenIDEO, I believe, I became more creative and a better human-being. Thank you!

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Krassimira Iordanova


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So great to read these reflections, K! You were an early adopter who wow-ed the crowd and we feel lucky that you collaborated with us.

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Hi Meena, thanks! I learned a lot through OpenIDEO and from you, in particular. I remember how you reinforced the power of local communities in the maternity challenge. I also remember how you said that it is essential to design/create "with the people" and not "for them". This stuck with me for a very long time and I will always remember that very, very powerful truth in almost every venue of my professional and private life. BIG THANK YOU!

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